Welcome to the blog of the Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project!

Vicky Garcia, executive director of RICE, Inc. (Philippines) and Mary Hensley, president of Eighth Wonder, Inc. (USA) will be writing weekly updates on project developments. It seems that nearly every week there are exciting developments, either in the Philippines or in the US, that we would like to share.

9 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. bea valencia Says:

    I heard so much about this project three years ago and the first time i saw this i was touched by the tenacity of Ms Garcia.

    The new website is very nice but i was hoping some of the experiences that I READ three years ago that WOWed me could still be added to the blog.

    Her commitment to the project is really remarkable. I followed up the project since then and have been clipping the news about the project.

    Please include more personal account of how such incredible project came to be this great!
    More power to u.

    1. heirloomrice Says:

      We will be adding those early reports to our website archives. We are trying hard to keep the website more current and the blog updated. Thanks for following the project all these years. (signed) Mary

  2. Cef Says:

    The heirloom rice project is bringing the terraces farmers in a higher level, not only as feeders to the filipino people but as a dollar earners contributing to the economy of the country. I salute the people behind the success of these terraces farmers.

  3. heirloomrice Says:

    The support for the terrace farmers is truly a collaborative effort. RICE Inc may be the moving force behind the project, but it would not move forward without the support of the government—the Department of Agriculture (Cordillera Region), the National Irrigation Administration (Cordillera Region), and the provincial and municipal agriculture offices, and most specifically the people working directly with the farmers. I am personally inspired by those people who work tirelessly for their farmers, with very little budget to support their work.

  4. Renee Marton Says:

    Am writing a book on culinary history of rice. Thanks.

  5. Jordy Says:


    I stumbled upon your website while doing research on indigenous rice here in the Philippines.

    I would just like to ask, where would the best place be to purchase these varieties here in Manila?

    Thank you very much for making the information available for all of us. I’m very happy to see the continued support for the farmers that’s needed not just for them but also to protect the beauty of our culture.

    Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

  6. heirloomrice Says:

    Thanks for being in touch. The project is working with SunnyWood Super Foods for marketing and distribution of the rice in the Manila area. Their website is http://www.sunnywoodrice.com. Valerie Ong is head of marketing and promotion. She can be contacted at sunnywood.superfoods@yahoo.com or telephone number +632-535-4060. Please keep us posted about your research. Perhaps there should be a FB group for people researching/supporting the traditional rices of the Philippines? Mary

  7. Ingber Roymans Says:


    We just rented 1 hectare of irrigated wet rice terraces in Bukidnon, Mindanao. The location is at roughly 600m above sea level. Now we are looking for a regional traditional rice variety that should be good tasting and require very little chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides). Where could I find some information on this?

    Kind regards, Ingber

    1. heirloomrice Says:

      I have been told that there are still many traditional varieties growing in Mindanao. I suggest you check first with your local municipal or provincial agriculture office. You could also check with PhilRice (Philippine Rice Research Institute) in Munoz, NE to see what varieties they have collected. The DA and IRRI are working on an FAO funded project in Mindanao. They may be of some help in identifying farmers who still grow the older varieties. Good Luck! Mary

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